SIRT Training Pistols

Imagine Limited to No Ammo – What are you going to do to train?


Imagine being able to train high volume with quality reps to build perfect muscle memory. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced shooter, the SIRT training pistol allows you to take pistol training way outside the conventional and traditional restrictive box.


Today with ammo cost and range availability being difficult and in some cases – not possible, SIRT training pistol allows you to train and adapt in any environment. Whether at home or at work etc... in real time and space. With the SIRT being 100% inert allows you to train safely in any environment to develop the necessary muscle memory to handle your pistol like a professional. Whether you have purchased a pistol for concealed carry or for home and personal self-defense, you might by LE or military, the bottom line is to protect and defend yourself and the most treasured possessions in your home – your family and friends.

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New Products For September - SIRT Training Pistols

SIRT PRO Training Pistol
SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Training Pistol wit...
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SIRT Performer Training Pistol
Red Polymer slide 4 oz lighter than comparable live fire...
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